The Dutch canopy is an extremely popular choice of blind for the commercial premises, not only does it provide an effective form of shading to your shop it also makes a very effective three dimensional sign.

The Dutch canopy in its standard form is available as a retractable blind by means of cord operation, or on larger blinds they can be winch operated or electrically operated if preferred. If the blind is to be retracted we recommend that a cover board is fitted over the blind to help stop excessive water retention in the folds of the fabric.

Non retractable canopies can be manufactured in several styles, with our in house manufacturing we are able to tailor make our blinds to meet your needs. We make French awnings also known as wedge shaped blinds, radius framed blinds in all styles plus walkway approach awnings.

We have a full colour range of fabrics available from all the major manufacturers in either; acrylic, reinforced PVC or high gloss wet look fabric. We can offer you full professional sign writing facilities so your company logo can be printed to the blind cover and valance if required. See Graphics & Signwriting for more information.

If you have existing blinds and your framework is in good order we can normally recover them, once refitted they will look like new again.

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Standard Square Corner Frame

This can be made retractable or fixed if required. Can be fitted with acrylic or PVC materials.

Square Back Frame with Front Radius Corners

Square back frame with front radius corners, non-retractable blinds available with Reinforced PVC covers or Wet look fabric.

Approach Awnings

Approach Awnings are custom made to your requirements. Blind shown here with an acrylic covering.

French Canopy

The French canopy is a popular choice for the commercial premises, available as a non-retractable blind only and with a fixed valance under frame if required. With the large front panel this makes an ideal area to sign write.