Opal Design II Awning

The Weinor Opal design II awning is one of the finest awnings available, a neat compact full cassette awning available with integrated LED lighting.

All of Weinors experience and best design ideas have been brought together with their ground breaking weinor technology. The outstanding design of the Opal Design II adds something truly special to your house. The very flat cassette, which is only 16cm high, protects the entire awning mechanism and the fabric. For those requiring additional sun protection or privacy the Opal awning is available with the unique electric valance plus system, a retractable valance which is concealed within the awning front rail. The Opal Design II can be produced up to sizes 12m x 4m available with warm white individual LED spots that are integrated into the cassette. These can also light up the patio after the awning has been retracted.

Download Designer Feel - Opal Design II & Zenara Awnings.pdf

Features include

  • Oval compact designed cassette protects the entire awning mechanism and the fabric
  • The Opal LUX comes with Integrated LED lighting as standard, they are built into the awning frame. The lamps can be adjusted using the WeiTronic remote control to provide you with optimum lighting for your patio
  • The lighting is operated via the awnings remote control with dimmer facility
  • The Opal awning is also available without lighting if this is not required
  • 47 Standard frame colours and 8 Trend colours
  • Exclusive fabric collection - Wide choice of plain and patterned materials
  • The optional Tempura heating system can mount directly to the underside of the awning

Maximum Awning Sizes

Max. Width: 1-section awning: 650cm / 2-section connected awning: 1200cm Projection:150cm to 400cm

Max Projection to Minimum Awning Width Ratio

Width 201 to 250cm = 200cm Max Projection

Width 251 to 300cm = 250cm Max Projection

Width 301 to 350cm = 300cm Max Projection

Width 351 to 400cm = 350cm Max Projection

Width 401 to 650cm = 400cm Max Projection

Further Information

  • MiniMax

    Awning Dimensions
    Max. width: single section: 650cm / 2-section: 1,200cm,
    Max. projection: 400cm

  • Wind support

    Can be used up to wind force 5. The optional weinor wind supports stabilise your awning in windy conditions.

  • LongLife Products

    LongLife Products
    weinor LongLife Arm

  • Sensor

    Includes Agido-868-Sensor (when equipped with WeiTronic remote control). This assures extra safety, as the awning is retracted during heavy vibration.

  • Quality

    Weinor Quality Standard
    Safety and long service life.

  • Quality

    Weinor Quality Standard
    Safety and long service life.

  • Sensor

    Integrated lighting - Weinor Opal Design II LED

Optional Add-ons

  • WeiTronic Remote Control

    All its functions can be operated with just one hand-held remote control unit.

  • Heating System Tempura

    The heating system Tempura provides such very comfortable and lasting warmth that you can sit outdoors in pleasant surroundings even on cool days and evenings.

  • Paravento Side Screens

    The Weinor Paravento side screen is a particularly attractive and practical solution for additional sun and wind protection.

  • Wind Supports

    Weinor wind supports stabilise your awning when the wind picks up.